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We're a different kind of boutique travel website. There are certainly no standard hotel guests, passionate guests, hotel lovers, travelers, so we don't believe in standard, we are all different. designedfortravellers share destinations of extreme unique beauty, white sandy beaches and seductive atmospheres, where guests can have unique hospitality, unparalleled personal service, exceptional activities and new experiences. And a true traveler wants things that are either necessary, chic or both. So check out our Travel Gifts suggestions and ideas. We also add singular properties for lease, or buy, a superb blend of modern elegance, some with unobstructed views spanning from the mountains all the way to the ocean, properties meticulously crafted around the globe. Whether you are looking for an paradise retreat, a urban hideaway, a stunning restaurant, a private beach or an amazing home, we certainly will have a suggestion for you.

We share a culture of doing and share more than what is expected, so expect the unexpeted with us. That's why our selected partners mean everything to us, they all have distinct, exclusive and breathtaking features. Discover an entirely new world in different shades of blue and green.

Whatever hotel travelers choose, we guarantee a great experience.

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